Tentative Business Hours: Mon-Thu 9-4  and occasional weekends

Due to being a one man operation, the hours at Hillside Performance can vary greatly. As with everyone, it is sometimes necessary to be away from work due to conflicting obligations or duties that need to be addressed during normal business hours. BUT, I will always do my best to accommodate customers. This means, if possible, being available in the evenings or weekends. Just because the shop is closed does not mean I can not be reached to assist you. I am available at all times via email or Facebook messages. All will be responded to as promptly as possible.

If you can’t reach me by phone during the day this does not mean I am closed. I could be on a test drive or with another customer. Please try your call a little later or leave a message. Regardless of the day, if I am in the shop and available to answer the phone, I will answer all calls.

Below are the best ways to reach me outside of normal business hours:

Email: askhillside@fairpoint.net

Facebook: Hillside Performance

Contact Form: Under the Contact tab or click HERE